North Xpedition

Shifting perspectives

From the North Sea to the Gulf of Bothnia. A coast to coast journey exploring this far northern corner and inland that is Västerbotten. This Xpedition will shift perspectives; turning the peripheral into the central, letting the region guide us to its specific stories, situation and thinking.

Bela Crkva BasecampWhat local networks are necessary in order to survive here as a person? What international contacts are a natural part of everyday life? What does it mean to be part of the Sami indigenous community and its Sàpmi land extending far beyond national borders? What is life like for those moving into the area, sometimes even as asylum seekers? And how does it feel to remain when so many leave? These are the kind of questions we explore together with our hosts and invited guests on the trip.

We meet with local artists who run their businesses, both here and in other parts of the world. We are caught up by the creative art of survival that is cultivated here. We examine how national and local policies affects everyday life for the residents. And we turn all these matters in to practical and concrete insight by working physically, side by side with local labourers. All arranged by the Xpedition.

CORNERS North – a curious and generous expedition in which artistic interventions, new networking and future collaborations will be nurtured and bear fruit!

Xpedition Route:

1. Tärnaby

2. Hemavan

3. Saxnäs

4. Lycksele

5. Nordmaling

6. Olofsforsbruk

7. Umeå

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