“Windows” BaseCamp in Taranto

After Puglia Xpedition, three artists – Michael Hanna, Valeria Simone and Asier Zabaleta returned to Taranto. Together with theatre company CREST and local residents from Taranto, they showcased their project “Windows” which will be premièred in Corners Haninge in May.

“Windows” is a project which gives the opportunity to local communities to transform windows of their private residencies into an instrument of artistic and social expression. Here the artists involved residents of Taranto by providing them with light bulbs to illuminate their windows as a tool to respond to a series of questions. The idea was to give visibility to the so-called “invisibles”: those who are “by force” and those who are “by choice” living in a city that is as difficult to live in as Taranto is.

On Saturday, 18th of April, San Francesco Square became the platform for visibility of public opinion.

Co-Creations produced on “Windows” BaseCamp in Taranto:

  • Windows

    Windows is a piece of participatory outdoor theatre, where local residents and visitors answer a series of questions on topics ranging from local to existential issues.

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Artists in Basecamp: