“Sister of Another Mama” Basecamp in Stockholm

Tonya MacMullan, Joseba Irazoki, Mila Pavićević met with artist SIMKA (Simon Häggblom and Karin Lind) in Stockholm in April for a week of research and development of „Sister of Another Mama“. The main theme of the project is media, precisely newspapers. By setting up a temporary editorial space inside the library we will try to reach and interact with audiences through artistic interventions and in collaboration with the local teenagers. These works of art will be distributed alongside local newspapers.

During our working sessions we discussed and devised the forms, means and the methods how this will be achieved. We’ve produce a series of games, workshops and activities that we will use in order to encourage and enable the teenagers to take part in the creative process. We also made a plan that includes the list of those activities.

As artists we used our specific expertise and experience (every artist comes from a different field) to produce texts, sounds and objects that will helped us transform our working station (in the library) into a creative space. With a little help from Intercult we were introduce to Joan, an inspiring 15 year old girl that will join the process in May.

Co-Creations produced on “Sister of Another Mama” Basecamp in Stockholm:

  • Sister of Another Mama

    Sister of Another Mama is a collaborative group of artists including: Tonya McMullan – a visual artist from Northern Ireland, Joseba Irazoki a musician from the Basque Country, Mila Pavićević – a dramaturge from Croatia, SIMKA (Simon Häggblom + Karin Lind) who are visual artists from Sweden.

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Artists in Basecamp: