“Oh My Home – Lost & found” BaseCamp in Northumbria

In March 2015, Ixone Ormaetxe, Lalya Gaye, and Saadia Hussain were in Northumbria, North East UK, for the Basecamp of their project Oh My Home – Lost & Found.

The basecamp took place at the Briardale Community Centre in Blyth, where the artists met with several local communities and developed their project in preparation for the première in Haninge, Sweden, in May. They experimented with a variety of ideas and materials, got feedback from locals, and finalised the project, which they will bring back to Northumbria in 2016.

Co-Creations produced on “Oh My Home – Lost & found” BaseCamp in Northumbria:

  • Oh My Home – Lost & Found

    Borders and belonging, identity and rejection, struggle and intimacy, roots and mobility, walls and bridges. Making home. Reclaiming home. Losing and finding home. Composed of familiar elements that remind of a diversity of these experiences, the piece invites the public …

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Artists in Basecamp: