“Playground” BaseCamp in Maribor

They have recreated these games for you here, trying to bring the gaming culture along with them as well as the game itself. Some of them you might recognize; some may be a little different. Our games can be a ...

“Curious” team in Belgrade

Enforced by 3 local youngster “pearls”, they will do their best. in fact, they already meet one cleaning lady with plastic baskets, different colors each, they succeed to poison stomachs with local food and spend night in “Clinic center” and ...

[VOICEOVER] BaseCamp in Middlesborough

[VOICEOVER] has been developed by artists Julie Myers (UK), Lucyna Kolendo (Poland) and Bojan Mucko (Croatia) in collaboration with local community groups and individuals.

“Games” BaseCamp in Rijeka

Bringing together artists from Rijeka, Maribor, Bari and London, an interim presentation was presented in Rijeka. It was a developing collaboration focused on local gaming cultures and communities. Experimenting with different gaming forms as cultural connection, the aim of this project is to activate public spaces and its users.

“Windows” BaseCamp in Taranto

“Windows” is a project which gives the opportunity to local communities to transform windows of their private residencies into an instrument of artistic and social expression. Here the artists involved residents of Taranto by providing them with light bulbs to ...

“Bridging the Silence” Basecamp in Donostia / San Sebastian

Their project is about giving a voice to those who have no voice, making the invisible visible and representing the emotional journey people move through from the storm inside to peace. The final work will be designed to be shown ...

“Sister of Another Mama” Basecamp in Stockholm

During our working sessions we discussed and devised the forms, means and the methods how this will be achieved. We’ve produce a series of games, workshops and activities that we will use in order to encourage and enable the teenagers ...

“Oh My Home – Lost & found” BaseCamp in Northumbria

In March 2015, Ixone Ormaetxe, Lalya Gaye, and Saadia Hussain were in Northumbria, North East UK, for the Basecamp of their project Oh My Home - Lost & Found.

“Light” Basecamp in Ukraine

Sergiy Petlyuk, Lena Stenberg, Oskar Östergren and Kateryna Radchenko were working on their Light project. They are collecting stories of our perceptions/needs/attitudes of, and waiting for, light; comparing its meaning in two different corners of Europe. After Basecamp in Swedish ...

Papyrint Basecamp in Bela Crkva

One of the Base Camps was held in Bela Crkva (literally: White church), a small town on the Serbian – Romanian border, more precisely – at the school for kids without parents care.

Put Yourself in My Place Basecamp / Interview

Milijana Babić traveled with CORNERS to North and East, with the first and forth Xpedition in our R&D phase. Differences and contrasts she encountered in those two areas left a strong impact, so strong that she started to ask how it would feel like to walk in somebody else’s shoes, to live another life and to be in a place where chances and opportunities are different than those in the Balkans.

“Atlas of Tremors” Basecamp in Belfast

Christian Cherene, Phil Hession and Ivana Ivković met in Belfast in August for two weeks of their research and development of “Atlas of Tremors”.