CORNERS Live is an exciting hybrid exhibition, broadcast and collaborative online space which allows artists and audiences to share their experiences of CORNERS from anywhere in the world. You can find out more about our projects and become part of the CORNERS creative community.

CORNERS Live acts as a digital extension of everything that is happening in CORNERS projects and is continually growing. It is important to us that CORNERS Live stays exciting and fresh by finding new ways to include you in our projects. We want to share the same sense of liveness and enthusiasm with you that our participants feel when working in situ with CORNERS artists.

Tune into Radio CORNERS to hear interviews, sound art, music, field recordings, live broadcasts and more from CORNERS artists and the people they have met. You can find extended stories about CORNERS projects on our innovative visual storytelling platform and check for live stories with photos, videos, recordings and more from our CORNERS events.

You can connect to CORNERS Live through most web browsers, tablets and mobile devices at

CORNERS LIVE is built thanks to our colleagues in Sourcefabric and Dominic Smith of ISIS Arts, who are leading on this element for CORNERS.  

Follow us on to find out more about this and other exciting developments.


LiveBlogs available here.



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