“Sister of Another Mama” goes to Kosovo

As part of the CORNERS Serbia/Kosovo project the artistduo SIMKA (Simon Häggbom and Karin Lind) is travelling to the city of Prizren in Kosovo. In December 10-12 they will make an ”expert visit” (train the trainer) and work with teachers, youth leaders, filmclubs and other people working in a social context with culture.

– It will be exciting to, for a few days, work and inspire others with our art and our way of working, said Simon and Karin.

In april 2016 SIMKA will work, together with other CORNERS artists (Mila Pavićević and Joseba Irazoki) in CORNERS Vranje, Serbia. The city of Vranje is situated only about 100 kilometers from the city of Prizren in Kosovo. Hopefully this work in December will make way for an artistic cooperation between Serbia and Kosovo during CORNERS next year.