“Curious” team in Belgrade

As a part of CORNERS, group under working title “Curious” is these days (01 – 10 February 2016) in Belgrade. In action of exploring Dorćol neighbourhood in searching of stories, in order to make one different tour for all curious to find out something about what they think they already know. What one Cyprian filmmaker, living in London (Maria Anastassiou), one Italian performer from Taranto (Isabella Mongelli) and one spoiled Dorćol mouse (Miloš Tomić) can find out in just a week?

Enforced by 3 local youngster “pearls”, they will do their best. in fact, they already meet one cleaning lady with plastic baskets, different colors each, they succeed to poison stomachs with local food and spend night in “Clinic center” and got phone of a postman wiling to accompanies them. So, good luck!