CORNERS residency in Puglia

The project is created by artists Maria Anastassiou (London), Isabella Mongelli (Taranto) and Miloš Tomić (Belgrade). Using tools and aesthetics appropriated by the Tourist Industry, the artists of Safari Here are exploring the possibilities and limits of their experience and role within Corners. Through an accumulative process, a workshop, and a curated space, the artists are collecting and re-interpreting elements from each place of residency, presenting them in turn to the local audiences through different processes and media, in the form of a display, a guided tour, film, and printed material. After Belfast in October 2015 this is the second time for a Safari here Base camp.

The project makes a short stop in Puglia to establish contacts and present some of the artists. A preview of CORNERS, that will come back to Puglia in full force in the fall of 2017.