CORNERS partner Donostia / San Sebastian receives the official European Capital of Culture plaque

The Donostia-San Sebastian 2016 programme “Cultura para la convivencia” (Culture for co-existence) promotes better ways of living together through art and culture. Three lighthouses will reflect the values underpinning the programme: the Lighthouse of Life (the individual and society), the Lighthouse of Peace (respect and co-existence), and the Lighthouse of Voices (diversity and mutual understanding) where our CORNERS event takes place in September. Programme highlights include the Peace Treaty, an exhibition of how peace and violence have been depicted in Europe; “Travelling Embassies”, a project that will bring artists of different nationalities to several European cities by ship, bus and bicycle to create, share and spread works of art which express linguistic diversity, among others. The ‘Waves of Energy’ programme will finance cultural projects proposed and evaluated by the citizens themselves throughout the year.

Congratulations to our partners and the whole team behind the DSS2016 programme, and we’re looking forward to be a part of it!