CORNERS in Ljubljana / June 2016

by: Agneta Hansson, Communicaton officer Intercult

CORNERS has now reached half time, and ten European project partners was on sight to evaluate the project so far.

Everyone agrees on that CORNERS is an unusual and experimental project with multiple purposes. Here artists from different countries and cultures create projects together. The projects interact with the society and the people they meet. Most of the projects collect stories that they bring from one country to another. The common goal is cooperation and meetings between boarders, in work methods and experiences.

CORNERS has created 15 art projects by almost a hundred artists from 11 partner countries in Europe. CORNERS has so far visited at least seven different places in Europe: Umeå and Haninge (Sweden) Belfast (Norhern Ireland, UK) and Blyth (Northumberland, UK), Vranje (Serbia), Prizren (Kosovo), Zagreb and Rijeka (Croatia) and Ljubljana (Slovenia). More places has been the location for the preparatory Basecamps and for smaller projects. Just as many places, if not more, are left to visit before the end of the project in 2018.

In the evaluation so far we can see that this is not an easy project. It is sometimes difficult to explain and the results are not always what to be expected. But everyone agrees on that it is a project that will stay with everyone that has come in contact with it, as artist or as someone who has worked with the artists on the different locations. The most important part of the project happens in the preparatory work. When the artists arrive, they look for a special target group that they work with. Certain projects has found their form, others change from place to place. In collaboration with people on sight new art is created that are shown before the local audience and the people involved. Artists has to learn to work together, sometimes at the cost of their own artistic agenda. Some projects might look strange for someone who has not seen the process behind, but make total sense for the people involved. And CORNERS make an impact in the “Corners of Europe” that does not often get visited by international artists.

The last day of CORNERS in Ljubljana was June 18th. That evening we met in Fuzine, a suburb of Ljubljana with large apartment buildings surrounded by lawns. Two of CORNERS projects were presented there: Playground and In Between.

Playground is made as a kind of a game where the artists have found a form to cooperate through a “game walk” with game stations. The documentation of this project will be the result of how the results of the players has turned out. Depending on the results and the “points” the players gets they form text sentences.. It is a game for children and adults, great fun! Read more about Playground here.

In Between is a project with four free standing artists that does their own artistic work but at the same place and together with people they meet. The project can turn out different from place to place depending on the people they work with. Read more about In Between here.