CORNERS Live (Re)launch

CORNERS is currently in Zagreb, at Pogon, with our associate digital curator Dominic Smith, who will be leading a digital lab with a group of CORNERS artists over the next three days. During the lab, we will be training our CORNERS artists to use and create new content for CORNERS Live, which we are re-launching today with a new design developed in collaboration with our partners Sourcefabric. Follow the event on CORNERS Live through our live blog.

We are delighted to relaunch the platform with a new mobile app for Radio CORNERS and a new feature on Windows. Windows is an exciting piece of participatory outdoor theatre developed by Michael Hanna, Asier Zabaleta and Valeria Simone. To date residents in Haninge (Sweden) and Belfast (Northern Ireland) have had the opportunity to develop and publicly answer a series of questions on a range of topics from personal to global issues by displaying coloured lights from the windows of their homes.

You can become a part of Windows through CORNERS Live. Tweet your responses to the Windows questions using the Twitter hashtags, voting GREEN for yes and RED for no.

CORNERS Live is a digital extension of everything that is happening in CORNERS. CORNERS Live is an exciting hybrid exhibition, broadcast and collaborative online space which allows artists and audiences to connect and share their experiences of CORNERS from anywhere in the world. Different groups and individuals from regions on the edges of Europe are invited to feed into the works, to create, respond, and participate in CORNERS co-creations.

Connect to CORNERS Live through most web browsers, tablets and mobile devices at

Download our new Radio CORNERS app for free from the Google Play Store and tune in on your android phone or mobile device to hear interviews, sound art, music and more from CORNERS artists and the people they have met.