Valeria Simone from North East England Xpedition

So, while we are fixing the last details of our collaborative actions, we can think more deeply about the process of creating works that can involve local communities and connect people at the corners of Europe.

The Participation Lab with Phil Wood, Nedyalko Delchev ans Adam Jeanes, has been an interesting reflection about “how” we can invite people to participate in our projects and what’s the artstic, cultural and ethic meaning of participation.

valeria2The starting question was: what is participative art? We proceeded analysing the historical contest in which it was born, trying then to define what “Community art” and “Relational aesthetics” are.

And also, it was really fundamental to establish, with Phil Wood, the delicate shift between co-creation and manipulation, the processes can be multiple:

  • artists and the public co-create
  • the public initiates and the artists enacts
  • artists initiate and the public takes part
  • the public is assigned and informed
  • the public is tokenised
  • the public is decoration
  • the public is manipulated

valeria3Thanks to these, and other many reflections, now we are almost ready to try.