Safari through corners of Europe

Safari Here appropriated the tools and aesthetics of the travel industry to celebrate places that might otherwise not be on the tourist map. In each location the project took the form of a travel agency, a guided tour and a series of short films.

In the two years of the Safari Here project I met hundreds of people through the accumulative and site-specific nature of the project demanding for large amounts of information collected every time anew. My research tools were my camera and my recorder, allowing me access and invitation to people’s houses, offices, shops. On-site, all the material collected was processed and transformed into a script that formed the final performances of the guided tour.

In post production I made one short film from each location that the project took place. Each film weaves together a performance for the camera by Isabella Mongelli of the guided tour with the research portraits of only very few of the many people I’ve met along the way. The films are edited as subjective non-fictions, time-based notes that give a sense of each place.

Shotton Colliery, UK, September 2017, 15′


Gdańsk, Poland, May 2017, 9′


Donostia, Basque Country, September 2016, 6′


Blyth, UK, May 2016, 7′


Brindisi, Italy, April 2016


Belgrade, Serbia, February 2016