Kids on the Corners

Once upon a time, a gang of artists climbed on a bus and visited many corners of Europe. Lots of nice people live in countries in the corners of Europe. But because they live in the corners, they are a bit hidden. We met them during our travels; we heard many stories and saw many pictures. And when the artists came home from the Xpeditions, they collected the stories and created projects.

We are coming to Ljubljana with two projects for KIDS ON THE CORNERS. Eight artists will share the stories collected in other Corners; they will listen to stories of kids from Ljubljana, show them what they know and teach them some artistic skills.

In PAPYRINT, the Skart group will teach the kids how to write and paint. Nils Persone will play his saxophone, and the kids will make and play special instruments. Kajsa Sandstrom will dance and play with mirrors, and Primož Bezjak and Borja Ruiz will tell secrets about how to become a good actor.
In the end, a miracle will happen: all together – the artists and the kids – will create a performance.

We will leave Ljubljana with stories of the kids from Ljubljana. In the cold winter, we will read these stories to kids on another corner of Europe – in Umea, a town in the north of Sweden.

In the second project, BIRDHOUSE GALLERIES, the artists and teachers Nedyelko Delchev and Maciek Salamon will tell stories about famous artists and guide the kids through the process of making birdhouse galleries. The kids will make wooden houses for birds. Each one of them will be different and each of them will be a work of art created by kids. These birdhouse galleries will be shown in public spaces in Ljubljana.

We invite you to join us on a press conference on Thursday, 5th of June in KUD Franc Prešern, Ljubljana, where the speakers will be Nataša Zavolovšek, director and producer (Zavod Exodos Ljubljana), Chris Torch, artistic director of Corners (Intercult, Sweden), Nils Personne, musician, Nedyalko Delchev, theatre director, Djordje Balmazović, designer, Natalija Plajnšek, Elementary School Trnovo and Haris Tahirovič, Romani information and scientific-research Centre – Anglunipe.

The final presentation of 14-days process of Papyrint will be on Wednesday, 11th of June and on Thursday, 12th of June, 18:00 in KUD Franc Prešern in Ljubljana. The same days we’ll open an Birdhouse Gallery exhibition and take you to guided tour through the streets of Ljubljana. The entrance is free, but bring a toy, packages, crayons, pencils… We’ll collect them and donate them to kids from flooded areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Serbia.

All this is happening because of the work of many people from many organisations:

Co-producers from all over Europe:
Exodos (Ljubljana, Slovenia), Intercult (Stockholm, Sweden), Rex (Belgrade, Serbia), Donostia 2016 (Basque Country), Umea 2014 Cultural Capital of Europe (Sweden) and City Culture Institute (Gdansk, Poland);

Institutions in Ljubljana:
Trnovo Elementary School, KUD France Prešeren, Romany Information Centre Anglunipe;

City of Ljubljana, Ministry of Culture/Slovenia;

Executive team:
Nataša Zavolovšek, producer
Borut Cajnko, technical director
Katja Stušek, producer
Ajda Kruh, coordinator
Tina Lajinšek, coordinator
Skart, designers
Jedrt Jež Furlan, communication