You are walking by a local market. There is a car parked in a place where usually cars are forbidden, or one of the parked cars is different. It looks like an ordinary car, but then not really… People are already starting to notice, they stop and take a look, they are addressed by one of the passengers of this car. You approach, you open the door and take you seat behind the wheel. You, becoming the driver, are taken by the car and its passengers/performers on an imaginative journey that transports you out of the familiarity of your surroundings and into a world of wonder.

Through movement and unusual objects, the authors of Chassis are offering estranged view on public space and the way of its usage, focusing on what is usual and extraordinary in it. By taking part in East Xpedtion, the authors developed sensibility towards various local protocols of using public space, as well as braking rules.


Authors: Ivana Ivković and Rita Marcalo, in collaboration with Stewart Gibb-Lodge, Andy Plant, and Lucy Barker.

CORNERS partner & lead producer: Pogon – Zagreb Center for Independent Culture and Youth

Associate producers: Theatre in the Mill, Dance4, and Instant Dissidence, in collaboration with SO Festival and IOU Theatre.

Supported by Arts Council of England and City of Zagreb – City Office for Education, Culture and Sports.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.