Around the CORNERS: Prizren

In April 2012, as part of CORNERS Research and Development, Xpedition Balkan visited Kosovo. 30 artists and cultural workers, among many other places, came to Prizren to hear its story, to find more about its history, culture, life… Three years later, from 8th to 16th of August 2015 as a part of DokuFest, CORNERS returns with three CORNERS stories and 11 artists, eager to re-tell the stories heard in the place that acted as a great inspiration.

“Around the CORNERS” events are visiting corners of the corners, places that are on the edges, but still somehow acting as centres of cultures in their closer environment. Those are the places that we visited on our Xpeditions and places we connected with through the people we met there.

About Prizren

Picture a charming Balkan city. A city draped along the banks of a shallow river and backed by towering green mountains, a city linked to the coast and the interior by ancient trade routes, a city dotted with elegant old buildings constructed over many centuries, a city that has seen many different people and rulers come and go, a city that has seen destruction and restoration many times over, a city that is now looking firmly to the future. Prizren is this city.

About DokuFest

DokuFest is the main cultural event in the country. Through film screenings at most unusual locations the historic center of the city turns into an open-air cinema for 9 days in a row. In addition to film screenings, the festival creates a unique ambience filled with love and enthusiasm while offering a rich cultural and educational program through documentary photo exhibitions, creative workshops dedicated for children and youth, masterclasses for filmmakers, talks on civic activism, technology and social media, followed by unforgettable music performances. 150 local and international volunteers are involved to make DokuFest a festival where magic happens.

Around the CORNERS Prizren is organized in cooperation with the Swedish Institute/Creative Force, supporting our ongoing project connecting artists and teachers in Serbia and Kosovo through 2016.

Event Schedule:

Oh My Home - Lost & Found

Public space installation
6 – 16 August @ Saraqët Street

Oh My Home is a public space installation, series of workshops and performances that address the notion of “home” from a broad perspective: the domestic, the migrant and the contested.


9 – 16 August @ Lorenc Antoni Music School

Papyrint is an opportunity to meet, share skills and find ways to create a performance together. Project where kids from local community and five artists from different disciplines create and present a live performance during a two-week joyful and creative work. Children’s stories from corners of Europe are the ground for a workshop with paper-theatre, music, movement and poetry.

Birdhouse Gallery

10 – 16 August @ Lorenc Antoni Music School

Birdhouse Gallery is all about creating an European gallery network. Instead of renting a place for a gallery the aim is to make galleries on our own (together with workshops participants). Workshop aims to encourage imagination, develop children’s creative ideas, improve their artistic skills and strengthen appreciation for the arts by doing bird houses with the art inside instead of birds. Birdhouse Gallery workshops ends with a public presentation / exhibition.


Tel/fax: + 381 29 233 718

International Documentary and Short Film Festival – Dokufest
Mimar Sinan no 12, Prizren 20000
Republic of Kosova