CORNERS East Durham

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In the villages of Horden, Shotton and Blackhall international and regional artists have been working on three remarkable co-commissions: Safari Here, Playground & [VOICEOVER]!

Corners Trnje

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CORNERS visited Zagreb first in April 2012 during the Balkan Xpedition, then again in May and June 2016 during CORNERS Triangle that was also happening in Rijeka and Ljubljana, and now CORNERS is back again in Zagreb, and coming straight to neighbourhood Trnje! This time with two great workshops for kids: Birdhouse Gallery and Playground!



Our projects are flying to the next European corner – Gdańsk! Motto of Gdańsk „Freedom of Culture. Culture of Freedom” ensures us it will be great and inspiring journey. We will present 10 Corners project in Lower City, district which is very close to the city centre but differs from the Main City and its „Kings Road”. It is undergoing the process of revitalisation and combines green areas, Motlava river channels and old tenement houses. Stay tuned and book your time for Gdańsk between 8th and 20th May.

CORNERS San Sebastian / Donostia


The CORNERS in San Sebastian / Donostia will offer art installations, exhibitions, performances, shows and guided tours devised by around thirty international artists.

CORNERS Triangle


Collecting and building the micro-archives is a core method for three works that will be presented: Atlas of Tremors gathered folk songs sung by textile workers and through the re-interpretation of those songs is dealing with the changes in the ...

CORNERS of Europe in Blyth


Last year artists from The Basque Country, Italy, Slovenia, Northern Ireland, Sweden, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Kosovo and the UK visited places across the corners of Europe, including South East Northumberland, to meet local people and exchange stories. These stories and ...



In October 2015 Belfast International Arts Festival will host CORNERS event!

A selection of projects, all of which are free to the public, are featured in CORNERS Belfast event, which largely take place in non-traditional and public spaces across the city.

Around the CORNERS: Prizren


In April 2012, as part of CORNERS Research and Development, Xpedition Balkan visited Kosovo. 30 artists and cultural workers, among many other places, came to Prizren to hear its story, to find more about its history, culture, life… Three years later, from 8th to 16th of August 2015 as a part of DokuFest, CORNERS returns with three CORNERS stories and 11 artists, eager to re-tell the stories heard in the place that acted as a great inspiration.

CORNERS Haninge – Turning Stockholm inside out

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During two weeks in May, 30 Corners artists are going to Haninge – a municipality situated near the capital of Sweden – Stockholm. They will present 10 artistic projects aiming to turn corners for people living there. Their action will demand both spectators and participants.

In the corner: CORNERS Ersboda – turning Umeå inside out


A city is made of many small segments, each with its own personality. Some parts are hidden, some traditions have been destroyed, some others re-invented. Neighborhoods are where people live, work, play and learn. They are sometimes peaceful places and sometimes disrupted, challenging.

Showcase: Chassis


You are walking by a local market. There is a car parked in a place where usually cars are forbidden, or one of the parked cars is different. It looks like an ordinary car, but then not really...

Showcase: Kids on the Corners


Once upon a time, a gang of artists climbed on a bus and visited many corners of Europe. Lots of nice people live in countries in the corners of Europe. But because they live in the corners, they are a bit hidden. We met them during our travels; we heard many stories and saw many pictures. And when the artists came home from the Xpeditions, they collected the stories and created projects.