Sister of Another Mama

red – twisted – raw sisters – twist around their own hands stretch out a hand – sisters in every country between every bridge between every dream – sisters stretch out your red hands

Red throats – red blotchy sisters – cooked like fish – brothers and sisters. Balance on a thread – sisters grasp words – meaning – news – messages – words – blow away red blue orange green black white all sisters.
(Karin, Simka)

Sister of Another Mama is a collaborative group of artists including: Joseba Irazoki a musician from the Basque Country, Mila Pavićević – a dramaturge from Croatia, SIMKA (Simon Häggblom + Karin Lind) who are visual artists from Sweden. 

The main focus of Sister of Another Mama is the media, precisely newspapers. By setting a temporary editorial space artists will reach out to and interact with audiences through artistic interventions and in collaboration with the local community. Together they will create their own newspapers, these works of art will be distributed alongside local newspapers. 

They will tell stories, paint pictures, play games, experiment, make art and have fun. The newspaper, therefore, goes against the dominant paradigm of a traditional newspaper and includes fictional imaginary, colourful pictures and words that do not offer useful information, instead producing questions, provoking ones imagination. 

The form they are working with is a clean white balloon. This object that can be transformed, painted and later released in the air and carried around. On the balloons they will write their stories, some are already up in the air and some will fly away soon.

Newspapers printed in Rijeka are available here.

Authors of Sister of Another Mama: