Safari Here

A guided tour, film and print made with the the audience.

Using tools and aesthetics appropriated by the Tourist Industry the artists of Safari Here are exploring the possibilities and limits of their experience and role within Corners. The work is happening in public and with the public’s participation in elements of its making. Through an accumulative process, a workshop and a curated space, the artists are collecting and re-interpreting elements from each place of residency, and in turn present them back to the local audiences through different processes and mediums; in display form, guided tour, film and print.

It is interesting how the Corners Project is even possible to happen through the tools and services provided by the 21st century tourist and travel industry. The advent of mass tourism has brought an unparalleled transformation to all corners of Europe, shifting the balances of leisure.

Safari Here aim not to imitate or dream the ‘elsewhere’ but observe and focus on the ‘here’. The hope is that as we re-interpret and re-present the fabric of everyday life of a place, new narratives and renewed engagement will emerge for the local audiences and for possible new audiences. The aims are to celebrate the “mundane” and the everyday in the same manner and sometimes pompous approach and exalting language found in celebrations of “monuments” and sights in tourist guides.

Authors of Safari Here: