“Playground” is a growing collection of games from around Europe.

Four CORNERS artists have been travelling around Europe together, meeting game players and learning about their games.

They have recreated these games for you here, trying to bring the gaming culture along with them as well as the game itself. Some of them you might recognize; some may be a little different. Our games can be a portrait of ourselves, something in common between generations and cultures. Can we make new connections across Europe through our shared experiences of games?

While in your city they will be learning new games to add to the playground.

It’s free, it’s yours, come and play!


To explore the role of games in different cultures, seeing them as potentially possessing common languages that could cross different borders, both national and local, artists have built a multi-media playground installation serving as a tool for their research and a means to activate public spaces and participatively engage its users. As the collection of games is growing with every new place the artists visit, the playground is constantly changing its image and offering a unique cultural experience.

Playground is designed as a participatory project in which the audience is literally playing an essential part. All visitors are welcome to actively engage in the project as players in the playground installation, using it both for fun and as a cultural experience. Furthermore, the artists collaborate with local gaming groups, learn their games, teach them their own games, and together they develop new context-constructed-games that are included in the playground installation.

Authors of Playground: