Land is necessary for all Peoples. So is Light. For some, the Land is the core of their existence and culture. So is light. Occupations of Land and forced moving are ongoing. For this project, the Peoples are essential. So is light.

Four artists from Ukraine and Sweden initially researched the light, as a physical phenomenon and then as social, ethnic and cultural one.
Art expedition started from the north of Sweden, and moved to the south of Ukraine. As a result of these trips, the artists spent time with the Sami people in the north and the locals in the south of Ukraine, peoples who play a minor role from geopolitical perspective but are an integral part of their Homeland.

The video
The video is a co-operation between Oskar Östergren and Sergiy Petluk. It tells the metaphoric story about the non-chosen movement of people and paradox of the land as constant but yet always reshaped by light.

The photos
A combination of the real life in the minimal color, graphic works of Lena Stenberg and colors night photos of the traces of the people of Kateryna Radchenko. Both topics show influence between nature and people, between light and darkness.


Artists: Kataryna Radchenko, Sergiy Petluk, Oskar Östergren and Lena Stenberg.

Authors of Light: