Valeria Simone

Valeria Simone is a playwright and director. She has a degree in foreign Languages and Literatures and a Phd in Contemporary Philosophy.

She studied dramaturgy and theatre in Italy (Teatro Kismet Opera), in France and Germany with Ivan Baciocchi, Fabrice Eveno, Lorna Marshall (Mimezentrum, Berlin), Ultima Vez, Mariangela Gualtieri. Collaborated with the companies ‘Du gudron et des plumes’ in Paris and ‘Menhir’, in Italy. In the last ten years studied and wrote plays about women in condition of social marginality (as prisoners, victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation etc.) and her last work H24_ Acasa was a participative project about migration, which was performed in unconventional spaces and with the collaboration of other artists.

Co-Creation by Valeria Simone:

  • Windows

    Windows is a piece of participatory outdoor theatre, where local residents and visitors answer a series of questions on topics ranging from local to existential issues.

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