ŠKART Dragan Protic & Djordje Balmazovic

Škart is a collective founded in 1990 at the Faculty of Architecture in Belgrade. While experimenting through their work, they focus primarily between the medium of poetry and design. “Architecture of human relationships” is their main concept.

Through the constant flux within the collective, present since its very beginning, members collaboratively work to develop new values.

They are particularly capable in the process of making, to embrace ‘beautiful’ mistakes and tirelessly strive to combine work with pleasure.

Co-Creation by ŠKART Dragan Protic & Djordje Balmazovic:

  • Papyrint

    Fifteen- twenty kids from local community and five artists from different disciplines create and present a live performance during a two-week joyful and creative work. Children’s stories from corners of Europe are the ground for a workshop with music, movement, …

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