Siniša Labrović

Siniša Labrović was born in 1965. In 2005 he attracted the attention of world media (such as Reuters, BBC, Ansa, New York Post, Guardian, Times, NBC, ABC) with his work „“ in which sheep were the contestants in a reality show.

His works are in the collection of Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb, Fine Arts Gallery Split and Museum of Modern Art Dubrovnik. In 2009 he exhibited at the 11th Istanbul Biennial. In 2012 he represented Croatia on 13th Venice Architecture Biennale, titled Common Ground, together with Pula Group, Hrvoslava Brkušić, Igor Bezinović and Boris Cvjetanović.

Co-Creation by Siniša Labrović:

  • In Between

    Observation in philosophical terms is the process of filtering sensory information through the thought process. Input is received via hearing, sight, smell, taste, or touch and then analyzed through either rational or irrational thought. What happens if the observed object knows that he/she is being observed and the observation also changes positions so that the observer is being observed by the object? As artists we can play with these roles and also with the purpose of our observations which in contrast to the science can have a more open and indistinct objective and perhaps use different methods.

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