Saadia Hussain

Saadia is an visual artist, art activist, artistic director and art educator based in Stockholm. Born in Lahore in 1973 and raised from the age of 7 in Stockholm. Saadia got her higher art education from National College of Arts in Lahore as well at Konstfack in Stockhom.

Saadias visual work/prints and installation “Playground” has toured in Sweden for two years (2010 -2012) She has had several solo shows and group shows in Sweden. Saadias most recent work has been shown at Vårsalong, Liljevalschs konsthall 2014 and at Architectural and Design center (2013 – 2014) Saadia experiments and discusses the complexity, plasticity, artificiality and authenticity connected to identities and belonging through her work.

Saadias is also an engaged illustrator and has been assigned to create illustrations for Swedish PEN, Unicef, Skärholmens Theater and Multicultural center.

In her role as artistic director, Saadia has lead 18 collective mural art projects with over 1500 participants of all ages in Stockholm, with a strong emphasis on accessibility, democracy, participation and freedom of expression in the public space. She has developed methods and led processes that allow non-professionals to participate and engage in the creative processes.

Co-Creation by Saadia Hussain:

  • Oh My Home – Lost & Found

    Borders and belonging, identity and rejection, struggle and intimacy, roots and mobility, walls and bridges. Making home. Reclaiming home. Losing and finding home. Composed of familiar elements that remind of a diversity of these experiences, the piece invites the public …

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