Phil Hession

Phil Hession was born in Omagh in 1978 and now lives and works in Belfast, Northern Ireland. A visual artist working with performance and video, his work explores how oral traditions (song and storytelling) have evolved and attempts to present these traditions in a contemporary manner.

Phil Hession’s practice is based on social exchanges that transcend the boundaries of age, and place and could be viewed as an anthropological study, although his involvement in the process requires a much more personal social commitment than is usual in academic anthropological research. The works present arguments and ideas about collaboration and authorship and the role of the artist in the production of the artwork. He has recently completed residencies at The Banff Centre, Canada (Jan – March 2011) and Residence Botkyrka, Stockholm, Sweden (May – June 2011). His involvement in CORNERS is supported by the Arts Council of Northern Ireland.

Co-Creation by Phil Hession:

  • Atlas of Tremors

    Taking as its central motif the contemporary computers’ predecessor, the Jacquard weaving loom, the performance Atlas of Tremors confronts live sung folk song with digital sound processing. The Jacquard weaving loom was a 19th century technological advancement – a mechanical machine whose weaving patterns were programmed by means of punched cards, an instrument that would shape both the industrial age and the development of computers in modern times.

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