Oskar Östergren

Since 2003 Oskar has been running his own business full time. Together with Fredrik Oskarsson, under the name oskar & oskarsson.

Documentary film production has been the core, but their business has also included education and other film and art assignments. 2007 they were assigned Västerbotten County Cultural scholarship. 2011 they started Bautafilm AB together with director Victor Lindgren and manager Therese Högberg. They make all kind of film related works.


Orre Biejjie (Working title: A new day), 58-90 min. (In production)
Co. Produced with SVT Dokumentär.
Both a modern and historical documentary about the on-going Swedish policies of oppression towards the Sami Indigenous people and the International view of this matter.

The Great Work, Documentary 58 min. (2013)
Co. Produced with SVT Dokumentär.
A documentary film about impossible dreams. A young man leaves his well-paid job to become a full time alchemist during one year. What does it take for people to follow their inner dreams even if everyone say you are a fool? Will be screened at SVT during the fall 2011.

The Police and Lapland (Här är polisen), 58 min. (2006)
Co. Produced with SVT Dokumentär.
Jan-Erik and Niclas are police officers in Lapland, Sweden. We followed with them during one year.
Screened at SVT2, SVT 24, Umeå Int. Filmfestival 2006, Skellefteå Filmfestival 2006.

Down Gold Street (Längs Guldgatan), 58 min. (2005)
Co. Produced with Knutte Wester and SVT Dokumentär.
The dream of gold built the mining town of Boliden in the north of Sweden in the 1920s. Now fugitives seeking political asylum move into the old miners’ apartments.
Screened at SVT2, Gothenburg Filmfestival, 2005. Umeå Int. Filmfestival 2005, FATTA-Festivalen Umeå, 2005, Trästocksfestivalen, 2006. The film was nominated to Prix Europa 2005 for ”Eurpoean Multicultural television program of the year”

Finding (Att hitta sitt), 28 min. (2004)
Emmaus is a charity and second-hand store in Umeå. This observing documentary about the people there shows the will to find a meaningful place as well as an used umbrella or a pair of well-worn shoes.
Screened at Folkets Bio Umeå, 22-27/11 2004. Umeå Int. Filmfestival, 2004. VAFF 2004 – Västerbottens Allmänna Filmfestival. Skellefteå Filmfestival, 2004. Trästocks- festivalen, 2005.

Five five (femma femma), 8 min. (2004)
A bingo night together with a group of old friends in an elementary school’s dining hall.
Screened at Tromsö Internationella Filmfestival, 2005.

-30 degrees (-30) (minus 30 grader), 28 min. (2003)
Shown on SVT2, 2005.
Severe cold is just as common as anything else for the people in northern Sweden. This movie shows their relaxed attitude towards this natural state even though it sometimes causes trouble. A charming film about everyday people in Tärnaby, Lappland, Sweden.
Screened at SVT2, Exground 18 Tyskland, 2005. Matsulo Nature Film Fest Estland 2005 (FInalist). Tromsö Int. Filmfestival, 2004. Thai Filmfest Bangkok, 2004. Umeå Int. Filmfestival, 2003. Living Europe, Helsingborg 2003 (Finalist). Uppsala Kortfilmfestival, 2003. Skellefteå Filmfestival, 2003. The movie is a part of ”Film i Västerbottens DVD2”.

Ajaure (Ajaure, där hade jag garaget.) 20 min (2002)
A documentary focusing on the society Ajaure, built to exist for only ten years.
Screened at Hela Sveriges Filmfestival, Visby 2003. Umeå Int. Filmfestival, 2002
VAFF (Frickfestivalen), Lycksele 2002. Skellefteå filmfestival, 2002. The movie is a part of ”Film i Västerbottens DVD1”.

Co-Creation by Oskar Östergren:

  • Light

    Land is necessary for all Peoples. So is Light. For some, the Land is the core of their existence and culture. So is light. Occupations of Land and forced moving are ongoing. For this project, the Peoples are essential. So is light.

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