Mikael Lundberg

“Mikael Lundberg transfers his reactions to our world’s ambiguities into structures that reflect mankind’s various wanderings, the quality of physical matter and the light’s material character and almost mystical features.

While he does not depict the world mimetically as in traditional painting or sculpture, many of his works can nonetheless be described as being sculptures or pictures.”

“He does not depart from a determined material, but rather from the subjects and themes that capture his attention, and then he continuously seeks new ways to shape or show it through processes or by using materials that suit the purpose at hand.

The works are not images of the world but they can be seen as reflections of or metaphors for specific events …

They want to show us something and give us an opportunity to see that which we may not have noticed before or perhaps only given a casual thought.”

Magnus Jensner, Director for Moderna Museet Malmö

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