Michael Hanna

Michael Hanna completed his MFA at the University of Ulster in 2012 and recently undertook residencies at the Millennium Court Arts Centre and Digital Art Studios. He graduated with BA (Hons) in Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art in 2009. Hanna has been involved in exhibitions in the UK and internationally including Futures at Elephant Gallery, Los Angeles and Instances of Agreement at the Kao Yuan Arts Centre in Taiwan.

His first solo exhibition, Calculated Error, was shown in Golden Thread Gallery in Belfast. The project was an exploration of intentional mistakes where eschewing common sense led to personal repercussions. Funding had been secured in advance to rectify each pre-planned mistake, which included laser correction of a misspelled tattoo. Other recent work has taken a range of forms including acoustic and video installation, collage and sculpture.

Hanna’s recent exhibition Behaviour Setting, is a site-specific installation made up of video and sculptural elements. Production of the work involved building a visual language of control – based on research into social and environmental psychology.

The environment was developed to be sympathetic to the architecture of the exhibition space and for each installation element to be sympathetic with the others. Environments are adapted using site-appropriate combinations of perforated metal, acoustic foam and wet clay. These elements serve the exhibition with their practical properties to mitigate the restrictions of the environment.

Co-Creation by Michael Hanna:

  • Windows

    Windows is a piece of participatory outdoor theatre, where local residents and visitors answer a series of questions on topics ranging from local to existential issues.

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