Lars Göran Karlsson

Lars Göran Karlsson (1945) is a senior lecturer. He has been working with research and development within the field of IMER, international migration and ethnic relations, and as an editor of two series of publications, PfMI, Partnership for Multiethnic integration, and MERGE, Papers on transcultural studies.

Now Lars Göran Karlsson is mainly working within the field of cultural sociology and cultural politics, with a focus on local culture, cultural mobilization and formation, questions of the public sphere and civil society, youth issues and phenomena such as modern dance and youth theatre. He takes a fundamental interest in applied social science at the background of general social theory and methodology, and lecturing and tutoring on different education programs and at all different levels in relation to these fields of study.

Dissertation 1975 on the issue of regional differences and urbanisation effects on households income and consumtion (Hushållens inkomst- och konsumtionsförhållanden – regionala skillnader och urbaniseringseffekter).

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