Kateryna Radchenko

Kateryna Radchenko was born in Odessa, Ukraine and still lives in this sunny –sea place. By education she is a philosopher – cultural scientist and journalist. She has worked in the media and the football club Chernomorets as a photographer, and then the art director at art club “Exit”, Odessa.
Since 2009, Kateryna established Art NGO «Art Travel», organizes art events, curates art projects, is active as an artist in visual arts, and lectures on “Theories of modern photography”.

She has participated in international exhibitions, three personal exhibitions, and organized photo projects in France, Germany, Estonia, Lithuania and Belarus. Kateryna has created installations in Lviv and Kiev.

Bad habits – a passion for travel, for active sports and adventurous deeds.
Photography – as a pleasant hobby, a kind of pleasure when you get money sometimes.
Art – as a way of life.
Creativity – the process of self-realization.
Knowledge – what should be shared.

Co-Creation by Kateryna Radchenko:

  • Light

    Land is necessary for all Peoples. So is Light. For some, the Land is the core of their existence and culture. So is light. Occupations of Land and forced moving are ongoing. For this project, the Peoples are essential. So is light.

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