Kajsa Sandström

Kajsa Sandström is a dancer and choreographer from Sweden. She has worked with Weld Company (SE) 2013, Cie Kubilai Khan Investigations (FR) 2008-2010 and Mette Ingvartsen (DK) 2003-2007. Since 2006 Kajsa develops her own projects initiated by artistic interests and questions, often in collaboration with other artists.

By displacing her knowledge in meeting, collision and dialogue, she finds potential to work choreographically and with dance in new ways. She is interested in how choreography can frame and articulate ways of looking at the experience of movement, perception and bodily presence within various spaces and media. Recently presented work: I need a witness to perform (2008) In the Mirror- A solo choreography in the footsteps of Maya Deren (2009) and These Images Are Written On my Body (2013). Kajsa was a student at PARTS in Belgium (2000-2004). She currently studies Video at The Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2013-2014).

Co-Creation by Kajsa Sandström:

  • Papyrint

    Fifteen- twenty kids from local community and five artists from different disciplines create and present a live performance during a two-week joyful and creative work. Children’s stories from corners of Europe are the ground for a workshop with music, movement, …

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Kajsa Sandström DocuArt posts:

DocuArt by Kajsa Sandström: Mirror intervention in Kaliningrad

DocuArt by Kajsa Sandström: Mirror intervention in Kaliningrad

With me on this, my third travel with Intercult; Corners East Xpedition, I take a round mirror of the kind Chris Biddlecombe, Scottish artist and sculptor, and I worked with on our previous Intercult encounters in Aberdeen and in Turkey: One side of the mirror is flat, the other slightly concave making a 1×3 magnification. I decide on a mirror with a subtle crack through its’ surface, slightly interrupting the distance in the space of the image.

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