Joseba Irazoki

Versatile and restless, elegant and pragmatic, and equally interested in both composition and improvisation; Joseba Irazoki has been leaving his imprint in an heterogeneous bunch of projects, adventures and intentions that have finally expelled, or better said, set free, his most introspective self in those works he has dared to sign under his own name.

In those works, Irazoki has opened wide the previously sealed windows of an honest and straight universe; neat and elaborate, rocked in the careful study of basque folkloric tradition, British and American pop and rock, and experimentation on 6-strings; but also in the eager search of something distinctive, of a specific identity that the musician from Navarra has finally found drawing upon his own resources.

Relying upon his imaginative guitar playing; on his ability to create loops that feel as natural as if they had always been floating among us; on an honest, assured and moving voice; and on the ability to corner great melodies that deform the basque sounds and recreate a sweetness that a priori seems unthinkable in their rough sonority; Joseba Irazoki has carried out with remarkable success a sensible and brave project, straight-forward and yet full of nuances.

If that wasn’t enough, he has simultaneously worked in some other projects, among which the most remarkable is probably Do, the most developed up to the date. It comprises some work of great magnitude like ‘Tokian Tokiko’ or ‘Pertsona’, with a shocking acoustic-electric alchemy shaped into fluctuating collages.

This project shows his more experimental side, featuring guitar lanscapes that are partially based on improvisation; with significant international impact.

Joseba is a member of the prestigious band Atom Rhumba, and has toured and worked with international artists such as Nacho Vegas, Duncan Dhu, Terry Lee Hale, Barrence Whitefield, Damo Suzuki, Mikel Erentxun, Xabier Montoia, Beñat Achiary, Petti…

He has realeased albums with the following labels: Lucky kitchen, Moonpalace records, Creative sources, Glasvocht records, Important records, Con­v, Hirusta records…

Co-Creation by Joseba Irazoki:

  • Sister of Another Mama

    Sister of Another Mama is a collaborative group of artists including: Tonya McMullan – a visual artist from Northern Ireland, Joseba Irazoki a musician from the Basque Country, Mila Pavićević – a dramaturge from Croatia, SIMKA (Simon Häggblom + Karin Lind) who are visual artists from Sweden.

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