Ivan Marušić Klif

Ivan Marušić Klif graduated from The School of Audio Engineering in Amsterdam in 1994. His field of interest includes fine arts (light installations and kinetic objects), music and sound for theatre and performance art.

From 1996. he started working with computers – mostly in the field of multimedia programming, interactive video installations. Exhibited and performed in Holland, Germany, Belgium, Czech Republic, Japan, USA, Austria, France, Denmark, Italy, Poland, Macedonia and Croatia.

Co-Creation by Ivan Marušić Klif:

  • Atlas of Tremors

    Taking as its central motif the contemporary computers’ predecessor, the Jacquard weaving loom, the performance Atlas of Tremors confronts live sung folk song with digital sound processing. The Jacquard weaving loom was a 19th century technological advancement – a mechanical machine whose weaving patterns were programmed by means of punched cards, an instrument that would shape both the industrial age and the development of computers in modern times.

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