Isabella Mongelli

Isabella Mongelli is a performer and visual artist interested in simple actions inside complex thematic areas. She has produced different formats of shows and performances.

As director, playwright and performer she created: IRINA[Varietà] Deljirant and a long-term project about her home-town, Taranto (distorted in tarànto), a name-concept that states a human way of life in some special places where life jumps between poisons. The project includes the show my personal tarànto, and the performances lido azzurro, Delegazione Tarànto, and Industrial Grand Tour. She collaborated with cultural organization such as Pino Pascali Museum and Xing and worked in projects of the artists Mattin, Project in Situ, Cosimo Terlizzi. She collaborate with the artist Tim Spooner for the project The Surrogate.

Co-Creation by Isabella Mongelli:

  • Safari Here

    Using tools and aesthetics appropriated by the Tourist Industry the artists of Safari Here are exploring the possibilities and limits of their experience and role within Corners. The work is happening in public and with the public’s participation in elements of its making.

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