Hrvoslava Brkušić

Born in 1982, Hrvoslava graduated film editing at the Academy of Dramatic arts in Zagreb and holds a MA at the Department for animation and new media at the Academy of fine arts, Zagreb. As a film editor, she contributed to the series of documentary, feature and experimental films such as documentary film The Blockade directed by Igor Bezinović about students’ protests and a struggle for free education, and video-work by same director entitled “Unmediated democracy demands unmediated Space” in collaboration with Pula group in the framework of Architecture Biennale in Venice.

Hrvoslava’s artistic interest is researching, and the knowledge shaped in the interpretative form through various media that, at the moment, seems the best to channel what she wants to say. The research is always followed with the process that is open, allowing her thoughts and believes to be shaped according to the knowledge and experience gathered through the process. She understands art as a tool to open primary her own perception, and then the perception of other people.

She exhibited at the festival Extravagant Bodies, Improspections, Visura Aperta… Currently, she is working on the project  Gazing and Dancing as a part of a collaboration with Mille Plateaux Associés (France), Student Center (Zagreb) and Frenák Pál Társulat (Hungary).

She works in various media – film, video and audio installations and live performances.

Co-Creation by Hrvoslava Brkušić:

  • Bridging the Silence

    Bridging the Silence is a visual and sound installation designed to be shown on a pedestrian bridge, created by Hrvoslava Brkušić, Croatian multimedia & sound artist; Deirdre Cartmill, N. Irish poet, and Beatriz Churruca, Basque visual artist & Performer.

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