Borja Ruiz

PhD in Pharmacology and Postgraduate studies in Scenic Arts (University of the Basque Country). Artistic director of KABIA Theatre, which has received the following awards: Ercilla Award to the Best Basque Show, Larruzz Breakthrough Award and CENIT Award in the II Competition of New Theatre Researches. He has worked as an actor in Gaitzerdi Theatre Company since 1995 and with this company he has received the following awards: Umore Azoka Award to the best Basque Show (2004 and 2008), Award of the Public in the Festival of Espartinas (Seville, 2004) and Award for Excellence in Choreography in the New York Fringe Festival (2000).

In the field of Scenic Arts he has learned with Anne Bogart, Eugenio Barba, Teatr Pieszn Kozla, Ricardo Iniesta, Pere Sais, Vicente León, Roberto Romei, Augusto Omolú, Luque Tagua, Claudio Casero, Igor de Quadra, Juan Carlos Garaizabal and Pablo Ibarluzea.

Currently he is lecturer at the University of the Basque Country in the field of Pharmacology, and teacher of Theatre History, Corporal Expression and Dramaturgy of the Show in several Theatre Schools and Universities. He also writes weekly in Theatre Magazine.

Co-Creation by Borja Ruiz:

  • Papyrint

    Fifteen- twenty kids from local community and five artists from different disciplines create and present a live performance during a two-week joyful and creative work. Children’s stories from corners of Europe are the ground for a workshop with music, movement, …

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