Bojan Mucko

Bojan Mucko (1983) holds a master degree in philosophy, ethnology and cultural anthropology (Faculty of Humanities and Social Science in Zagreb) and a master degree in new media art (Academy of Fine Arts Zagreb).

For the last few years he has been engaged with urban-anthropological issues, reviewing the disciplinary boundaries between contemporary art practices and cultural anthropology through interdisciplinary projects with several NGOs and organizations such as the Association for Interdisciplinary and Intercultural Research, Shadow Casters, BLOK, Zagreb Society of Architects… He was part of the editorial board of the architecture magazine Man and Space and is part of the organization of the ETNOFILm festival (specialized in ethnographic film). His writings were published in architectural magazines – Oris, Man and Space, in Zarez, anthropological magazines – Ethnological Forum, Studia ethnologica Croatica. He is author of several solo multimedia exhibitions and the publication Emptied in Restitution (contribution to the Ethnography of Emptiness).

Co-Creation by Bojan Mucko:


    [VOICEOVER] has been developed by Corners in collaboration with local community groups and individuals. In a series of mapping workshops and live radio broadcasts Myers, Kolendo and Mucko have gathered and recorded personal stories of social, environmental and industrial

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