Beatriz Churruca

Beatriz Churruca was born in Pamplona (Navarra) in 1973. She used her studies to travel into Spain. She got her Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Barcelona in 1996 (speciality Painting), after the first three years in Salamanca, next to Portugal. She went to Barcelona to continue her formation in dance (began in 1992) and also to see dance and theatre performances. She’s not a dancer but a lover of danse and often uses her body and movement in her work.

She is a creative and independent project manager and makes artistic activities. She creates objects, images, situations and works structures that reflect the disorder of society and allows people to use art as a meeting place. Along her career she has participate in many arts exhibitions with her paintings and objects as well as collaborate in dance festivals giving advice or as a dancer.
Her latest projects include a photography exhibition alongside Iker Gómez (dance video) in Kultur Leioa, (Bilbao) and “AGERTU ARTEAN” a solo exhibition of photographic series in Arteleku, Art and Culture Center Contemporaries, in Donostia-San Sebastian.

Co-Creation by Beatriz Churruca:

  • Bridging the Silence

    Bridging the Silence is a visual and sound installation designed to be shown on a pedestrian bridge, created by Hrvoslava Brkušić, Croatian multimedia & sound artist; Deirdre Cartmill, N. Irish poet, and Beatriz Churruca, Basque visual artist & Performer.

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