Ana Frank

Ana Frank received her PhD from Ljubljana University in 2013. Since 2007 she has been a researcher at the Peace Institute in Ljubljana – Slovenia where she works in research projects on topics of racism, discrimination, and human rights.

In 2014 her first book Feminism and Islam; Turkish Women between the Orient and the West was published by the Peace Institute. Her main topics of research are Turkey-EU relations, gender and religious studies with special focus on Islam, orientalism and post-colonial studies. She studied in Poland and USA, and for many years she has been studying and researching in Turkey.

Co-Creation by Ana Frank:

  • Built to Contain

    Convicted persons tell tales of the untold in radio play developed with international artists. Through a series of meetings and workshops, stories were gathered to produce a unique 16 minute play exploring life in prison including daily routines, power systems, small acts of rebellion, communication with the world beyond the walls and imaginary escapism.

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