DocuArt from Basque Xpedition by Ixone Ormaetxe

We all know what the word “expedition” means, but as we do when we travel to some remote country, the first thing that we feel is the need to place it in the space. We run to locate it on ...

DocuArt from Basque Xpedition by Juan Aizpitarte

As a model of relationship to the outside world we have created a number of protocols to disconnect and reconect with nature. This strategy of separation permits distance and specific developement of some concrete maters. In art separation is used ...

DocuArt by Beatriz Churruca: Silences Selection of Basque Xpedition

1. The silence in my empty body. 2. This one between Helen Sharp’s first short presentation and mine. 3. The certain and necessary silence in communication training. 4. The silence in a song that we received during PIAZZA. 5. The ...

DocuArt from Northern Ireland Xpedition by Hrvoslava Brkušić

DocuArt from the Basque Country by Deirdre Cartmill

The Basque Country Xpedition crystallised my feelings that art is not just an observation of something beautiful, thought provoking or surprising. It is a deeply transformative experience. It inspires change and growth. It forces the observer or participant to see the world from another perspective.

DocuArt from Basque XP by Helena Wikström: Shelter

Lala Raščić’s drawings from EAST Xpedition

During the journey, Lala was making portraits of Xpedition participants and some of our hosts. Here is the poster combining her drawings with comments and thoughts from East.

DocuArt from East by Paula McFetridge

We met many inspiring individuals working above and below the radar who, whilst developing their craft, have carefully honed a methodology for defining their work without compromising its status. Individuals who are succinct, political, impassioned and inspiring: individuals who encouraged ...

DocuArt by Nedyalko Delchev: East Corner

An overvew of East Xpedition – sites, cities, people, moments… caught on tape by Nedyalko Delchev.

DocuArt by Kajsa Sandström: Mirror intervention in Kaliningrad

With me on this, my third travel with Intercult; Corners East Xpedition, I take a round mirror of the kind Chris Biddlecombe, Scottish artist and sculptor, and I worked with on our previous Intercult encounters in Aberdeen and in Turkey: One side of the mirror is flat, the other slightly concave making a 1×3 magnification. I decide on a mirror with a subtle crack through its’ surface, slightly interrupting the distance in the space of the image.

DocuArt by Phil Wood from East Xpedition

Our Urban Therapist, Phil Wood outlined two cities visited during East Xpedition – Ukrainian Lviv and Russian Kaliningrad. Stories are available on Phil’s blog and below in pdf-format. Phil-Wood-on-Kaliningrad Phil-Wood-on-Lviv

Docu-Art by Siniša Labrović

Photos and text from the Balkan Xpedition.