Gianfranco Mirizzi’s DocuArt from North East England Xpedition: “Faces”

While in Faces you can still solve the puzzle in a “traditional” fashion, the computer encourages you to use more creativity in order to create an original composition out of the scattered tessellated pieces without worrying about fitting of the pieces together. Eventually, the computer – in a very basic sense acting as an artificial intelligence – will give an “artistic” evaluation, when the player decides the work is done.

This “creative” puzzle is made from quick sketches I draw during NE England Xpedition, representing the faces of the people I encountered during the journey, cut out from my notebook.


The game is intended as an exploration into game topics my fellow artists Simon Farid, Riccardo Spagnulo, Miha Horvat and I discussed during our Xpeditions in Puglia, South Italy and in North East England, UK. In particular, it reflects topics such as “open rule systems”, i.e. systems in which a player could create her own rules and customize her playing experience, and passive spectatorship in games.

I appropriated the code from a Processing sketch written by Peter Lager (whom I thank sincerely), and hacked it, adapting it to my needs.

The game is available for mac OS X and for Windows.
Note: Java needs to be installed on the system in order the game to work.

Have fun!