DocuArt from Puglia Xpedition by Mila Pavičević

During our adventure the decision was to set and break the rules for common playground. The rules are:

1) We keep our hands, knees and ears to the ground.
2) We listen and observe.
3) The pace of the drum is not dictated by the colour or the order of colours.
4) Those are (not) just the cardinal colours.
5) Repetition generates the movement.
6) We try to understand that this is a joint effort – a practice.
7) This is not stable.
8) This happens in a certain time frame.
9) In a certain time frame every performance is different. It depends how do you position yourself in space.

This action was done together with Karin Lind & Simon Häggblom SIMKA and Joseba Irazoki.