Iwona Preis

Iwona Preis joined Intercult in 2011 after several years of working as EU adviser and Project Manager for publicly financed projects, both in the region of Stockholm and internationally with partners from all over Europe. Born in Poland and living in Sweden, she considers herself a citizen of Europe, always working from both an intercultural and international perspective.

Since 2003 the main objective of Iwona’s advisory work was to be a valuable resource for public administrations and enterprises dealing with externally funded projects and regional development. She has over 20 years of management experience including high level marketing communications and production of exhibitions, conferences and events.

As Senior Associate at Intercult she works as Executive Director for Administrations & European Resource Centre for Culture including Europe Direct Information Centre and a Swedish network of cultural operators Access Europa, engaging in cultural politics, educating Swedish cultural sector about funding for culture, European Union, setting up projects with international partnerships, initiating debates and arranging spaces for cultural & social dialogue.

She is also an initiator and leader of international, collaborative culture projects. In 2015 she has been appointed a President of international cultural platform River//Cities.