• CORNERS Triangle

    Rijeka as a newly appointed European Capital of Culture 2020, and Zagreb and Ljubljana as capitals of Croatia and Slovenia, divided by not more than 200 kilometres are joining in a CORNERS Triangle to bring you many stories we’ve been collecting around the Europe. From 30 May to 19 Jun 2016 More than 20 CORNERS artists from all over the Europe will be working with audiences and presenting their artworks.

  • CORNERS Vranje

    “Kids on the CORNERS” is happening in Vranje, Serbia from 15th to 25th of April 2016. The event represents the beginning of activities within the program “Kids on the Corners”. In addition to the Gallery of the National Museum, the activities will be held in the premises of ​​the Community College, “Bora Stankovic” Library and Youth Cultural Centre.

  • CORNERS of Europe in Blyth

    From 9-22 May 2016, a series of unusual and thought-provoking artworks will be presented across public spaces in Blyth, created by over 20 international artists with groups from South East Northumberland as part of the CORNERS of Europe programme.

  • Swedish lecturer and educator, Pernilla Glaser, meets teachers in Serbia in February

    The Swedish educator and entrepreneur Pernilla Glaser has been selected for an ”expert visit” to Serbia. During four days (February 16-19 2016) she will work together with teachers in schools for children facing tuff conditions. Within the concept “Train the trainer” Pernilla will inspire teachers and pedagogues from the village Bela Crkva and the city of Belgrade. The follow-up of this visit will take place in the city of Vranje, Serbia in April.

  • “Curious” team in Belgrade

    As a part of CORNERS, group under working title “Curious” is these (01 – 10 February 2016) days in Belgrade. In action of exploring Dorćol neighbourhood in searching of stories, in order to make one different tour for all curious to find out something about what they think they already know. What one Cyprian filmmaker, living in London (Maria Anastassiou), one Italian performer from Taranto (Isabella Mongelli) and one spoiled Dorćol mouse (Miloš Tomić) can find out in just a week?